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This is a fully painted set of mice and mystics board games pieces by Plaid Hat games. I was contacted by customer PR to fully paint up his board game minis to make the game experience better.   The client

Here we have Hybrid Board Game miniatures. This game was released some time ago, around 2003 by a publisher called Rackham. I am not entirely sure if this game is widely available any longer. It looks like a dungeon crawler type

Gears of war: the board game Miniatures This is my personal copy of Gears of war the board game, there are loads on miniatures in the base set. All nice little casts and begging to be painted. I experimented a

How to paint a War hog, Heavy War Beast from Privateer press.   This miniature, which I purchased many months ago is a Heavy War Beast for the Minions faction. The hordes universe turns up some pretty fantastic models and

This is a fully painted set of mice and mystics board games pieces by Plaid Hat games, This was a commission from client PR. Once we had received the minis we managed to get started on them earlier than we

Its been a while since my last video, lots of things happening in the real world which has hampered the hobby updates and painting.. hopefully changing that soon! I was recently out shopping the centre of Bristol and happened across

Time to get excited..   WizKids have now put up the overview for their upcoming game “the Lord of the Rings: Dice building game“. This could definitely be a replacement for my Quarriors, much more fun to be battling orcs

Cool Mini Or Not have recently started a kickstarter game in order to create a new strategy board game, which takes us to a world where WWI never quite ended. And everything happened in a cutesy chibi art style. This is cutesy sculptures, just

Watch a full game being played Well, its been a while since I last made a video so seeing as I received king of Tokyo for Christmas I thought I would make another full game preview video. This is a

The other day I was going through my bitz box and I happened across quite a few Hirst arts casts that i have not used. Well, I decided to make a small fantasy / sci-fi terrain piece will the blocks I