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This is a wreck marker for Warhammer 40K.  This has been made using resin from custom made moulds. Each wreck marker comes fully painted in any chosen colour scheme. The flock and vegetation can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Grim Angus This is a Trollblood warcaster that I painted some time ago. Privater press use metals when they cast their miniatures. I think they may be moving towards plastics fairly soon (hopefully).   He was a bit of a

  This is the Dark angels interrogator chaplain. ┬áThis mini is part of the Warhammer 40k Dark Vengeance starter set. I pretty sure he is a limited edition model, so once this print run is finished you wont be able

These 3 bikes are from the Dark vengeance box set that was realeased in late 2012. The models are plastic and the quality is pretty high. Vey nicely detailed, they were a little bit dull to paint and they are

  Click like for me! even better subscribe to my Channel, I am in the process of buying more minis and kit to make more movies! This is my Skorne model Molik Karn. I have made this video in response

This is Quarriors! the dice building game. I have made this video to help anyone who has purchased the game and can’t quite get the rules straight. Its a turn by turn example showing the basic outlines, how you summon,

This video was originally made around January 2012 Please subscribe and like This is the Trollblood Bomber that i purchased from Cut & Thrust games in the centre of Bristol. I used my Harder and steenbeck airbrush for the first

  Its been a few weeks since my last video, here is a small hobby update video. The sound seems to go up and down in places, iPhone bugs… ? I am still making my way through the Dark vengeance