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COULD THIS BE A GOOD SOLO CHOICE? League of legends the tabletop game (sort of) has been announced and will be available to buy October 13th 2016. Here is a quick preview and my thoughts about Mechs vs Minions. Mechs vs
Unboxing Mansions of Madness Time to take a look inside the box of Mansions of Madness : 2nd edition to see what all the fuss is about. The box is itself is on the large size - think Imperial assault and
This is a solo playthrough of the Warhammer Quest, "Tracing the Toxicant", this is the second Quest within the first campaign. Playing solo its probably best to control 2 Heroes, which means at times you can lose track of the
Well, this is a video series where I go through the first scenario of Legendary encounters: An Alien deck building game, solo, playing 2 of the heroes.     The 4 videos I have made for this series are a little

Well, having been away from the painting for a few months I wandered into my FLGS the other day and happened across an Uncanny X-men starter set..  now listening to podcasts and reading BGG I have heard of dice masters

This is a video showing off half of the Mice and Mystics miniatures from the board game of the same name by Plaid Hat games. These particular minis were not particularly good clean casts. We have painted a few sets

Click here to go to youtube to view the video This is a small selection of the miniatures in the board game Zombicide by CoolMiniOrNot and Guillotine games. There are tons of minis in this game so I have decided

Here we have Hybrid Board Game miniatures. This game was released some time ago, around 2003 by a publisher called Rackham. I am not entirely sure if this game is widely available any longer. It looks like a dungeon crawler type

Gears of war: the board game Miniatures This is my personal copy of Gears of war the board game, there are loads on miniatures in the base set. All nice little casts and begging to be painted. I experimented a

How to paint a War hog, Heavy War Beast from Privateer press.   This miniature, which I purchased many months ago is a Heavy War Beast for the Minions faction. The hordes universe turns up some pretty fantastic models and