Privateer Press

How to paint a War hog, Heavy War Beast from Privateer press.   This miniature, which I purchased many months ago is a Heavy War Beast for the Minions faction. The hordes universe turns up some pretty fantastic models and

Grim Angus This is a Trollblood warcaster that I painted some time ago. Privater press use metals when they cast their miniatures. I think they may be moving towards plastics fairly soon (hopefully).   He was a bit of a

  Click like for me! even better subscribe to my Channel, I am in the process of buying more minis and kit to make more movies! This is my Skorne model Molik Karn. I have made this video in response

This video was originally made around January 2012 Please subscribe and like This is the Trollblood Bomber that i purchased from Cut & Thrust games in the centre of Bristol. I used my Harder and steenbeck airbrush for the first