How to Paint A Hordes War Hog, Heavy War beast
May 22, 2013
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How to Paint A Hordes War Hog, Heavy War beast

How to paint a War hog, Heavy War Beast from Privateer press.


This miniature, which I purchased many months ago is a Heavy War Beast for the Minions faction. The hordes universe turns up some pretty fantastic models and this model has been painted and videoed just because its such a great sculpt.

“Each war hog is over a ton of muscled, bristling rage. Products of dark experiments, the huge beasts are goaded and augmented by the farrow. Strong enough to rend steel and chew fat from titan bones, war hogs are nightmares from a butcher’s worst dream.”

The full model making process can be watched on the video, I had a few teething problems with the new studio setup but hopefully most of the issues have been ironed out and the next video will be error free.
If you would like to purchase this painted figure for your Minions army, check out our webstore and buy with confidence.


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