How to paint a Trollblood Bomber
November 14, 2012
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How to paint a Trollblood Bomber

This video was originally made around January 2012

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This is the Trollblood Bomber that i purchased from Cut & Thrust games in the centre of Bristol. I used my Harder and steenbeck airbrush for the first time (first time painting a mini anyway) and got quite good results.

This model was very nice to paint with an airbrush due to its large areas of skin, I made a few mistakes here and there but overall I am pleased with the outcome.

I am currently on a subscriber run, I want to get to 500 subscribers so as a little incentive I am offering to large war beasts to 1 lucky subscriber. Dire troll blitzed (see other video) and this dire troll Bomber. Both are fully painted and based and both cost over £20 new. The paint jobs.. well, you decide the quality on that.

I will be continuing to post new videos and new content, Just purchased dreadfleet and looking forward to airbrushing that to death.

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