How to play Quarriors!
November 14, 2012
The Robot (28 articles)

How to play Quarriors!

This is Quarriors! the dice building game. I have made this video to help anyone who has purchased the game and can’t quite get the rules straight.

Its a turn by turn example showing the basic outlines, how you summon, purchase new items and cull dice, any Special features on the cards and how to set the game up.

This is Game was bought for £34 ish from Oggames in the UK. You can see very nice component break downs in drakkenstrikes videos. I found that when I purchased this game my son and I struggled to play it properly, even after reading the rulebook several times.  I found videos helped me out on other games, so i thought I would do the same here and make a video on How to play Quarriors!

Also showing the dice tray I made after watching ‘watch it played’ youtube channel channel.

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