Marvel Dice Masters – A new addiction
December 31, 2014
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Marvel Dice Masters – A new addiction

Well, having been away from the painting for a few months I wandered into my FLGS the other day and happened across an Uncanny X-men starter set..  now listening to podcasts and reading BGG I have heard of dice masters and paid it little attention after that, but then I stopped and took a look..
So, I saw it, liked the look of it and I grabbed a box.. I don’t know why to be honest.. I am not a huge fan of the X-Men and I don’t read Marvel comic books.. never the less, I bought it.. and then the addiction began.. at first I bought the starter and 5 boosters, that was not enough. Soon I was visiting my FLGS and splashing out £15 here and £25 there, Wizkids had me.

Having never been involved in a CCG before it was new to me, the “chase the rare” syndrome and “I need more dice” problem, I initially thought it would be similar to Quarriors which we owned for a while, its not, its in the ball park, but its so much more.


so invested and £70 of boosters later I pretty much have the complete uncanny X-men set – all bar a couple of rates and 3 of the super rare (blasted super rare’s).

If your like me and lead a busy work life and family life you probably don’t have time for gaming. I have bee playing solo games for a while and like to game with the family and kids when possible, thats getting harder with Xbox’s and iPads taking over though.

So when i found that MDM can be played via google hangouts it was like all the planets aligning and providing a gamer like a shining light.. I joined a few Facebook MDM groups and G+ groups. From there its dead easy to arrange a game and play with people around the world. So far I have played an Polish guy (and lost), a guy from Denmark (and lost) and a guy from America (and WON). Its fairly easy to do once you have a starter set and a webcam.  Lots of people use their mobiles for their webcam but as I want to post some of the games to the youtube channel I went out and invested in a Logitech C920 (£45)  and a piece of OSX software called iGlasses (£12)

I will write about my setup soon and detail everything I do for my games, just know that I am now hunting for a dice masters play mat and I am thinking about some better lighting for my games.

You can see a Marvel dice masters game in progress here


If you think this could be a game you would like to play remotely, visit Google+ or the Facebook page and join up!

The bug has me, I have since bought the Avengers Vs X-men starter set and 30 boosters for that set as well..  I have promised myself I will buy no more boosters from now on, I am waiting for the next starter set to arrive, rumoured to be Yugioh or D&D around february 2014.


Until then I am trading all my swaps (you will have a lot of swaps) to try and complete my sets.  Watch this space and check our youtube channel for more MDM content!

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