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COULD THIS BE A GOOD SOLO CHOICE? League of legends the tabletop game (sort of) has been announced and will be available to buy October 13th 2016. Here is a quick preview and my thoughts about Mechs vs Minions. Mechs vs
This is a solo playthrough of the Warhammer Quest, "Tracing the Toxicant", this is the second Quest within the first campaign. Playing solo its probably best to control 2 Heroes, which means at times you can lose track of the

Here we have Hybrid Board Game miniatures. This game was released some time ago, around 2003 by a publisher called Rackham. I am not entirely sure if this game is widely available any longer. It looks like a dungeon crawler type

Time to get excited..   WizKids have now put up the overview for their upcoming game “the Lord of the Rings: Dice building game“. This could definitely be a replacement for my Quarriors, much more fun to be battling orcs

Watch a full game being played Well, its been a while since I last made a video so seeing as I received king of Tokyo for Christmas I thought I would make another full game preview video. This is a

This is Quarriors! the dice building game. I have made this video to help anyone who has purchased the game and can’t quite get the rules straight. Its a turn by turn example showing the basic outlines, how you summon,