January 14, 2016
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Warhammer Quest, Solo play

This is a solo playthrough of the Warhammer Quest, “Tracing the Toxicant”, this is the second Quest within the first campaign.

Playing solo its probably best to control 2 Heroes, which means at times you can lose track of the game states..  I made a few mistakes during this video (probably) but hopefully not as many as last time I made a solo playthough video.

The reason you play with 2 heroes is that this game is based around a strong teamwork strategy. If you dont spread the love you will probably lose pretty quickly.  The game tends to ramp up very quickly and kill you if you make any errors.

If you spot any mistakes on the video, please comment on youtube and I will address them, I can annotate the video for others.

I have part 2 in the bag, could this be a win for the heroes…  or another crushing defeat…?

Would you like to own your own copy, just follow the link http://amzn.to/2nrLl1a

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